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Drift Xpress is an awesome introductory into drifting. Have a go at drifting yourself, and let a professional show you how it's done right after! Get a hands on experience inside a real drift car and learn from one of our instructors how to get completely sideways! The thrill doesn't end there as you move into the passenger seat for a joy ride you'll never forget! Great gift idea!

  • Briefing of the session and all safety requirements
  • Helmets are provided however you may also bring your own
  • A demonstration of the technique will be shown by your instructor
  • Introductory Drifting lesson with you as the DRIVER (10 laps)
  • Drifting Joy ride with a pro with you as the PASSENGER (2 laps)
  • Drift car supplied
  • Long sleeves and long pants
  • Enclosed footwear (sneakers, joggers)

  • Location is at Barbagallo Raceway
  • Ages 12 and over
  • Must be able to drive manual transmission
  • In the event of rain, we will always continue unless it is a storm or dangerous weather
  • Drift Xpress sessions are to learn the competitive technique of drifting. Reckless driving and poor treatment of the drift cars will not be tolerated and may forfeit your drive
  • Please note that session times are when the program begins and there will be a short wait before your turn